My Terry Gross Interview, Redux

In the spring of 2017, shortly after my book No One Cares About Crazy People was published, I was invited to appear on Terry Gross’s “Fresh Air.” This was one of the first interviews, if not the first, that I did for the book. From my perspective, it was an ordeal: not because of any … Continue reading “My Terry Gross Interview, Redux”

Beyond Denunciation

“There is a crime here that goes beyond denunciation. There is a sorrow here that weeping cannot symbolize. There is a failure here that topples all our success.” John Steinbeck Vacaville, California, has a history of popular uprisings to confront the powerful as they violate the humanity of the dispossessed. In 1932, organizers came to Vacaville … Continue reading “Beyond Denunciation”

Voices for Mental Healthcare Reform, United at Last!

The documents below usher in a revolution. They describe a bold new movement, a national front organized to break the silence of the stricken and reverse the longstanding political neglect of America’s decrepit mental healthcare policies and institutions. The advocate and author (Sooner Than Tomorrow) DeDe Ranahan has completed a wide-ranging national canvass of those … Continue reading “Voices for Mental Healthcare Reform, United at Last!”


Tyler West is in a prisoner in the Richard Handlon Correctional Prison in Ionia, Michigan. Mark Rippee, blind and severely disabled, as well as severely mentally ill, is at large on the streets of Vacaville, California, where he has somehow survived for twelve years. He is regularly beaten up and tormented by street punks. His … Continue reading “LEST WE FORGET”


-Catherine Rippee-Hanson, a sister of James Mark Rippee You know about Mark Rippee if you live around Vacaville, CA. Or if you read the text of the talk I delivered at the Pathways to Hope conference in San Antonio on August 24.  Mark Rippee has survived on the streets of Vacaville for nearly twelve years … Continue reading “THIS IS A MAN . . .”

Guest Speaker Ron Powers at the Pathways to Hope Conference

EXPLANATORY FOR THE TEXT OF THE TALK BELOW Below is the text of the talk I delivered to the 2018 conference of Pathways to Hope in San Antonio on Friday. Pathways is an exemplary nonprofit outreach organization that has set new standards for reclaiming and treating victims of mental illness and addiction. Because of a … Continue reading “Guest Speaker Ron Powers at the Pathways to Hope Conference”

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